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New Drop Box Installed at Decatur County Courthouse
Posted on Thursday July 30, 2020
The Decatur County Board of Supervisors approved the installation of a new drop box as another way residents can conduct business.
The drop box is located just outside the north entrance of the courthouse.  It is weatherproof, tamper resistant and located in a monitored area for security.  Customers are strongly encouraged to put their item/s in a secure envelope and address it to the appropriate county office, along with your contact information.  No postage is necessary, and the box will be checked twice each business day (10AM and 2PM) by authorized personnel.

The drop box can be used for items such as:
Motor vehicle registrations
Property tax payments
Absentee Ballot Request Forms
Voter Registration Forms
Real Estate documents
Certified Copy requests
Boat/Off-Road Vehicle registrations
Real Estate Credit Applications
Payments of Fines
Other Forms/General Correspondence